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Our Story


History + Values 

Abel’s Workshop was founded in March of 2019. We are a small, family owned and operated business based out of Oregon. Our mission is to provide quality, natural, eco-friendly toys that inspire imaginative play. 

Our toys make playtime more meaningful! Each of our toys is intentionally simplistic, and therefore encourages children to utilize their imaginations while playing. Our thoughtful designs help children develop skills and solve problems, all while keeping them entertained. All of our items are ethically handmade by parents, and several of our items are hand crafted in our very own workshop here in Oregon! 

Abel’s Workshop was an idea brought to life shortly after our son, Abel, was born. We adored watching him learn and develop skills through play and knew we wanted to provide him with quality toys that would support his development and inspire his imagination. We began creating toys for Abel, and when we saw the joy these items were bringing our son, we knew it was something we wanted to share with the world. Thus, Abel’s Workshop was born.

Why Wooden Toys?

Wooden toys have a longer lifespan than their plastic alternatives, and as a result they do not need replaced as frequently. In fact, many wooden toys can be passed down and cherished for generations to come! Wooden toys are also open-ended - a single toy can serve countless purposes! As a result children with wooden toys will need fewer toys overall, thus reducing toy clutter and reducing the amount of money spent on toys throughout their childhood. Our toys are also all-natural - making them the safest option for our children and our planet! 

About Our Team

We are currently 100% family operated! With every order, you are supporting our family directly! 

Kayleigh is the owner and founder of Abel's Workshop. Formerly a Vet Tech, Kayleigh has always had a passion for animals and the environment. Kayleigh was drawn to wooden toys after her first son, Abel was born. She started the business as a hobby, and quickly discovered her passion and decided to leave her Veterinary career to take Abel's Workshop to the next level! Kayleigh handles marketing, social media, product design and packaging orders. 

Levi is an electrical engineer with an intense passion for solar energy and conservation. He has always had a talent for building, creating and fixing things, and he quickly took on the role of manufacturing most of our original items. Levi can often be found covered in saw dust, lovingly perfecting each item he crafts. 

Abel and Abby are our children, and our source of motivation and inspiration! Seeing what skills they are developing and what activities they enjoy is what inspires the items we create and choose for our shop. We never sell anything we wouldn't want our own children playing with! Abel and Abby have also gotten to test most of our items first-hand - and of course they approve! 


Abel’s Workshop is truly a labor of love. Every item is designed, created and packaged with the utmost adoration and care. Nothing brings us greater joy than seeing little minds unfolding while playing with their Abel’s Workshop toys. Thank you for supporting us on this journey!