About us

Our story began in March of 2019. After our son, Abel, was born we were disappointed with the selection of baby and toddler toys available in most stores. A majority of the toys lining store shelves were mass-produced plastics, and featured bright lights and repetitive sounds I knew could be overstimulating for young children. When we were able to come across more sustainably made, simplistic toy options the price tag was often far beyond our reach as young parents. So we made it our mission to provide parents with toys that are affordable, sustainably and ethically made, long-lasting and intentionally simplistic to inspire imaginative play. 

Our Values


We care deeply for our planet and the people on it. By choosing wooden toys over plastic, you are choosing toys that are made in a manner that does not pollute our environment. Wooden toys also have a longer lifespan than their plastic alternatives, so children need fewer toys overall - saving you money and reducing the amount of toys manufactured. 

We keep our business practices as sustainable as possible by offsetting 100% of carbon emissions from our shipments, recycling materials and using minimalistic, recyclable packaging for all of our orders. 

Ethical Manufacturing 

It is of utmost importance to us that each of our toys is ethically made, which is why we hand-make several of our items ourselves. When sourcing items, we only source from small shops and artisans who practice ethical and sustainable manufacturing methods, and whose values align with those of our company. 


Your child is precious, and their safety is our priority. We are registered with the CPSC as a small batch manufacturer, and every toy we sell meets CPSC safety requirements. We also avoid using toxic paints or sealants on any of our toys.


Our company is committed to being inclusive of all ethnicities, religions, gender identitites and beliefs. We have compiled a page of resources for helping parents to raise anti-racist children, and we aim to select a diverse range of models to represent our brand. 


Our Team

Dianne Russell

Kayleigh Allery

Founder & CEO

Eleanor Pena

Levi Allery


Theresa Webb

Abel Allery

Product Tester

Bessie Cooper

Abby Allery

Product Tester

About Our Family

Kayleigh is the owner and founder of Abel's Workshop, and manages a majority of the business on her own. She is a mother of two with a passion for sustainability, imaginative play and nature play. She loves educating parents on the benefits of simplistic, natural toys. 

Kayleigh does a little bit of everything! From marketing and social media, to designing products, to woodworking and packaging orders. 

Levi is Kayleigh's husband, and has supported her business journey from the beginning.  He is passionate about sustainability, and determined to fine tune each toy we create to ensure it is high quality and long-lasting. When he isn't working his Electrical Engineering job, Levi can be found helping design, make and package products. Levi also helps with maintenance on equipment in our workshop!

Abel and Abby are our children, and our motivation behind Abel's Workshop! They inspire each of our product designs, and try out every toy first hand to ensure they're well-made and enjoyable. 

We thank you for visiting our shop, and supporting our family as well as our mission to promote sustainability, ethical manufacturing, inclusivity and toy safety. 

About Us

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